Event Services

Looking for something special to add to an occasion? The Shoeshine Guild’s nationwide event service is just the thing! Staffed by travel-ready professionals and offering a fleet of elegant portable shoeshine chairs, we are guaranteed to bring the fun to your party, a touch of class to your show, or an irresistible attraction to your convention booth. From timely quotes to efficient set-up, our 19 years of industry experience insures seamless integration into your event.

Our service is perfect for conventions, trade shows, parties, trunk shows, sporting events, and more. You can also surprise your colleagues with our shoeshine service as a corporate gift. Guests will be delighted by the ultimate luxury of our shine, giving them an experience that is remembered long after they walk away.

Please contact Rachel Leamy to discuss your upcoming event:
Call (415) 533-2628 or email rachel@ashineandco.com


King Chair

Give your customers the royal treatment! From this throne, your customers will feel like you've put them on top of the world. People love to do business from that position. The wood is high gloss black with burgundy velvet accents. The chair is totally collapsible for transport in and out. It is surprisingly easy to move around once it is put together if you need to design a booth around it.

Single chair available

The King Chair ships anywhere in the contiguous USA from San Francisco, CA.

Height: 76"

Width: 36"

Depth: 54"

Prince Albert Chair

These chairs feature an ebony stain and blue tufted leather chairs, for a traditional look with a modern twist.

Matching set of two available.

The Prince Albert ships anywhere in the contiguous USA from San Francisco, CA.

Height: 70"

Width: 30"

Depth: 40"

Basic Full Size

This chair is simple, convenient, and handsome. The dark mahogany wood is accented richly with supple black leather upholstery. The chair and front step go inside the large base for easy storage and travel. This chair is perfect for customers to feel pampered yet it is relatively compact to fit comfortably into a smaller space.

Single chair available.

The Basic Full Size ships anywhere in the contiguous USA from San Francisco, CA.

Height: 64"

Width: 31"

Depth: 44"

Extended Riser

Would you like to have more than 2 chairs? Do you have chairs you’d like to use, or a luxurious couch for your guests? These platforms will transform up to 3 chairs or a couch up to 6’8″ into an elegant shine station. We offer the chairs pictured or up to 3 wing back chairs in blue. The platforms are finished in dark cordovan with mahogany molding.
(Height given without chairs, 19" height is for platform only)

For events needing 2 or 3 matching chairs.

The Extended Riser ships from San Francisco, CA.

Height: 19"

Width: 84"

Depth: 36"

The Diplomat

This regal chair offers superior comfort with an executive finish. Leather-upholstered and straight-backed, this chair really shines.

Single chair available.

The Diplomat ships anywhere in the contiguous USA from New York, NY.

Height: 72"

Width: 27"

Depth: 36"

The Collins

A beautiful standard chair with a red mahogany base and tufted seats for a fresh take on tradition!

Matching set of two available.

The Collins ships anywhere in the contiguous USA from Chicago, IL.

Height: 65"

Width: 28"

Depth: 40"

The Rockefeller

The newest stand in our fleet, The Rockefeller features a black base with a tufted oxblood armchair for aristocratic appeal. This chair brings more than a touch of elegance to any event!

Four matching chairs available.

The Rockefeller ships anywhere in the contiguous USA from New York City.

Height: 65"

Width: 28"

Depth: 40"